Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Running Okra

This is our "running okra." We have seen the other names, but we just take the easy way out. It can be fried in the old fashioned Southern way, just like the regular okra. It is very tasty that way, but we haven't tried any other way. It should not get much larger than these shown, or they go to seed. Someone gave us the seed to get started, and we save seed every year.

It does look like luffa gourds. It makes a long vegetable and makes a very long vine which is just loaded with yellow blossoms all the time. The vine has to be well supported, and if not, just takes off in space.

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Betty Lynn said...

My grandmother talks about "running okra" that her father used to plant. Do you sell seeds? If so, I can be contacted at agravegal at yahoo dot com. Thank you.