Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow NE Mississippi March 2008

Today's snow was beautiful. The ideal thing is to have it disappear before the re-freeze happens and driving or even getting outside becomes hazardous. By afternoon, most traces in our yard were gone, and we're okay with that. Here are a couple of scenes in our garden.

Don't think I'll be picking many peaches off this one this year!

Iris okay, but you'd never guess there are my new green onions lurking underneath the blanket of snow. They should be okay.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Little Green Onions -- YUM!

We have been haunting the local Co-op, hoping that the onion plants would be in so we could get them in the garden earlier than we did last year. We were in luck this week and bought four packs, which totalled about 144 little plants. We got them in the ground this weekend, and so far they are looking great. We were lucky to get this done because of the wonderful weather this weekend, but the weatherman is threatening severe weather Monday and snow on Tuesday! At least, our little onions are in the ground, and even if they get nipped by cold weather, from past experience, we found that they will make a come-back. We are so looking forward to the little green onions and don't really care if they don't develop into full grown bulbs.

We were disappointed that the Louisiana Purple Pod polebean seed had not come in. They are supposed to be here very soon, so we shall snap them up as soon as we can (pardon the pun). That is our favorite polebean, although I really like the rattlesnake bean. I get to grow them if we save a really nice spot for J's LPPs. In fact, the ground is already prepared for planting, but it will be at least another six weeks before we dare do that. Also, we have a place prepared for lots of cucumbers. Relish and pickles, oh my!

Probably will be another several days before we can get back in the garden, but we will be ready and waiting for the day.