Sunday, October 21, 2007

Where Has The Summer Gone?

My goodness! Look at the last date I posted anything: August! That signifies to me that I had lost focus on everything but striving to have my poor hot vegetation survive. It's not to say that I haven't been busy--I have. Plus, in that time my laptop has been out of commision as far as using the Internet. We still can't figure out what is wrong, so I have resorted to setting up my account on my husband's 'puter. It's a bit inconvenient (I am SOOO spoiled to my laptop), but I am learning to be patient while I await the diagnostics on what's wrong with my baby.

The garden is pretty much done. There's a new crop of peppers. I made some delicious pepper sauce, or as I have heard people call it, pepper salts. I think that is actually a name, although I was not able to find it on the 'net. Soon I will share that recipe for those of you who want a little "zip" in certain veggies such as greens, cabbage, peas--all that good Country Food.

Speaking of greens, our fall crop of mustard and turnip greens is doing well. We have had several meals from that already, and I actually canned two quarts this week. That is very labor intensive, but it is so worth it.

This is all for now, but as I have made an effort to get back into the groove, I will be back with some description of the most rewarding time I have spent in my garden in some time, all made possible by the return of cool weather. How wonderful is that.


Mississippi Native